The cow may stay on the moon

dairy products in climate change

As the setter paws the bench and protrudes the tongue like a fly catching frog…the butterdish tumbles to the floor…  ‘Ah well’ one thinks ‘one thing less to pack when leaving our broken home.’  Now, just need to find a good home for the dog.  Albeit, one who tidies away their food stuffs! Maybe dogs aren’t for messy homes?  Orderly and uncluttered makes sense.  They are the type of people who will stick to routine and follow protocol and not merely rely on a few Youtube videos and excite the dog so much, it replaces the cow that jumped over the moon!

But this piece wasn’t meant to be about dog-people personalities (maybe a bit about the cow), it’s about the personality that is hopeful.   We can’t change the fact that the butterdish is broken, like the Mica and Pyrite homes.   What we have seen, is a change in attitude.  For all those involved in the Mica Action Group public & private, thank you for making us believe that we deserve better, to be heard, to change the minds of government and aspire to the best terms for redress.

As COP26 continues what gives hope is that the thousands of rebuilds have the potential to be the best environmentally friendly and energy efficient homes, meeting building climate change targets.  That would be the ‘butter’ icing on the cloud. (Love mixing up the idioms – my husband is classic – killing 1 bird with half a dozen eggs!) Not literally, for all you ornithologists out there.  Anyway getting back to the point, for the less than half a dozen readers…Let us hope that the housing minister financially supports the rebuilds to be carbon neutral.  Not only Best for the environment but provides one less clean-up in our clutter…no more ASHES!  Now that would be butter-icing.

As for the butter, cutting the methane and replacing the cow that jumped the moon, might be a harder challenge. I don’t think I could start calling the broken bowl- ‘the vegan spread dish.’  Like our new carbon neutral homes to come, doesn’t everyone deserve their bread and butter!