Pottery: Where to buy

derry pottery

Where’s best to sell you’re product. Online/fairs and events/high street (or rather “bespoke” street.) The answer depends on your individual lifestyle. In an ideal world we don’t put all our eggs in 1 basket…but do we have to stretch ourselves thin…isn’t one of the reasons we chose this path, is to balance work/play. So I found having young children; supplying peninsula pottery to craft shops work’s best for me. Ok you take a smaller cut, but you can plan your work around the family, and sometimes it’s nice to give the middle man/woman a cut, if it means saving our town centres. Nobody wants to see shutters down. Obviously you won’t want to be losing the power of communication (working solo we all start talking to ourselves)so opting for a few events that suit your schedule, means you’re not only engaging with the customer, but also your fellow designers who aren’t your competition but your info point and idea sharers…we all need support. In saying that I do sell online but mostly this just gives credibility to my business when approving a new buyer.
Don’t take this all as Gospel, make your own Holy Grail. Good luck