Smelly homes; can now blame the Pup

Just as all are throwing open their front doors again, with fluffed up ‘welcome’ mats, in the anticipation of the long-forgotten visitor (and for the superstitious among you-anyone but the red head, as the first footer); I’m running to the door (not to throw arms around non-tactile, unsuspecting postman) but to quick slam it shut!  Why…our house smells of poo!  When all are late spring cleaning, pretending they didn’t live in squalor for a year, we have got it arse-about-face (there’s a pun in that.)

Yep, we’ve invested in a pup and all the smells that come with them…just as the rehoming centres will start to bulge at the doors. But sure, isn’t it meant to be good business practice to ‘buy when all are selling.’  Little Red-Setter Nemo, is not a financial investment though.  She puts the bank balance in the Red.  ‘Crates’ of money go on those pinching jags and all those accompanying accessories to sink her teeth into.  Not to mention the replacements, as I grab the last remaining Peninsula Pottery snack bowl (advert alert) ; ) from the low table.  However, these material losses have turned into loving gains.

Forgetting those middle-of-the-night pees; the Pottery, Farming Affirmation-card states ‘Effort is it’s own reward, connecting us to our animals….when we are connected, we are satisfied.’ I’ll keep to this philosophy and ignore the superstition about 1st footer (or 4 pawed) redheads.

As for the wafting scent…the postman reassured me there was no change in the aroma…my house always smelt like that!!!