Combining the striking local Landscapes and Historical Architecture with a hint of Abstract Artist influence

Lorraine O'Carroll
Irish Potter

Specialising in Hand thrown Irish pottery. Depicting scenes of culture and heritage.


Lorraine’s love of landscape was first noted as she gazed out of school windows at the Sperrin Mountain Range instead of into her books. And although she dreamed of dramatic events…home life was simple. The uncomplicated upbringing was full of ‘when I was young’ stories: Reflections of a time when work had an obvious purpose.

This background lead Lorraine into a creative discipline. Combining her degree in Design Technology with her hands on love for throwing pots, she eventually (20yrs later-all good things come to those who wait) set up Peninsula Pottery.

Residing in the Northwest of Ireland Lorraine reflects the striking local Landscapes in her Peninsula Range.

Lorraine’s time living in cities, with all its energy and vitality and the pulse of a burgeoning community, inspired the City-Line Range.  She loved these shared spaces with divergent personalities and cultures, its drama and boundless dreams.

Lorraine alters her shapes with cuts, representing life coming full circle but has its peaks and troughs. She is acutely aware that although she forms each pot with the beauty of function and aesthetics in mind, it’s the space within the thrown pot that gives each piece its purpose. As Lao Tzu philosophised...

“We mould clay into a pot, but it is the emptiness inside that makes the vessel useful.”

Reflecting on the geography that surrounded her, Lorraine includes an information card on aspirations the scenery aspires to.