Making Connections

Veronica Buchanan is a very talented artist in many mediums.  She is currently exhibiting ‘Connections’ in the RCC – Regional Cultural Centre.

My connection with Veronica is through ceramics at Eden Place Art Centre. A creative connection, in a creative space took me on a creative healing path; for she had kindly invited others and myself to include a connection relic, linked to one of her pieces. And so, this creation, took my husband and I to her exhibition one Saturday night.

Now, Fergal’s idea of Saturday night entertainment wouldn’t normally include art exhibitions but of course you dangle a carrot on a stick… or for vogue sake, roasted sweet-potato with avocado.. and the promise of dining out first, had him on the road to the RCC.

Veronica’s pieces are evoking and emotive, and Fergal quickly made the excuse that although the work was skilful it was a little ‘troubling.’ Well not all art is the joyful Matisse’s ‘Dance.’  And so, off he danced, to feast on the Ferrero Rocher,  while I noted how Veronica and the curators went to the trouble of making the pieces accessible; the tactile nature of the work, inviting you to touch.

As I pondered over this curiosity, Fergal was making connections with everyone (the roasted sweet potato, was now well incinerated!)  Which is fine, if you are Lao tse or some other philosophy guru!  You would say ‘He is drinking his tea!’  You know, being in the moment, with purpose.  Hence, if you were not raised in the Himalayas with panpipe music, this just makes you want to push him and his new found tea lover, off the mountain and chuck the panpipes after them, for good measure.… However,  he was chatting with Veronica’s niece who was blind and had actually trekked to Base Camp in the Himalayas! So, while I pondered the whole tactile approach, he was connecting and finding out.  Well,  there wouldn’t be any story to tell if we didn’t make ‘Connections.’

Which brings me back to the relic.  My last connection with my father, before his fall and hospital admission was a short run in the car.  On return he noticed the car doors were creaky and so proceeded to oil them. I took over, and he explained how to oil them properly. A lovely moment where he could still guide me even though he was unwell.

When Veronica invited me to include a relic it was of course a ceramic raku version of that oiled hinge.  This is the little blurb that accompanied it.

Oiling the hinges

A little job you never think about…oiling hinges, that is, until they creak…When they do, it reminds us that we are leaving one place and entering another; a transitional pause. It jolts us from our busy thoughts and brings about presence. It calls us to action.

My father was a man of many, little, jobs done.  Like the well-oiled hinge; he held the door securely, allowing those in his life, to seamlessly move forth.  Like the well-oiled hinge, he was practical and useful, appearing to carry the weight effortlessly.  He lived in the now, and did not dwell on what could have been or worried about what was to come.

When creaks sound in life, we are being reminded to be present, reminded to take-action.

Thanks to Veronica for offering this opportunity to cement, in a creative way,  last moments with a loved one.

Veronica’s Exhibition runs in the RCC Letterkenny until the 24th February.