If google can’t answer; Inishowen Heritage can.

Donegal Pottery. Pottery by Peninsula pottery

Google has answered many historical fact squabbles in our house, but there’s somethings in life, google can’t solve: that being, an engaging experience.  Exploring the west coast of the peninsula with Inishowen Tourism not only drew attention to the abundance of local heritage sites but embededd memories of ‘feast for the eyes’ scenery and enriched it with history.

Inishowen Tourist office linked with Dessie McCallion

Dessie and all those who impart their knowledge of culture and heritage, are our real national treasures.  Beginning with discussing the importance of the linen industry employing around 3000, made you ponder how the economy has transformed in 2 generations and how we’ve adapted. This tied with our visit to Glendowen Craft Shop, where Ann only uses Donegal tweed to create her bespoke garments. Other experiences included; the biting wind at Dunree, provoking empathy for the trainiee military stationed there: The Presbyterian Graveyard at Fahan and the explantions for Catholic Priests buried there :  The failed entrepreneurial attempts at Inch, and how it has been a silver lining for the bird population; hence now The Inch Wildlife Reserve.

The wonderful heritage info wasn’t confined to the stops. As we meandered along the country roads, Dessie pointed out Mass Rocks from Penial Times, Lazy Beds dating back to the Neolithic era, the old Railway and a golden eagle even swooped in line of the tour bus.  Making it sound like idyllic Inishowen, Donegal, well it is!  There was much, much more but I’m not going to spoil the surprise…take your heritage journey soon.

Memories don’t exist in a google blog.

You can’t capture this experience in a blog.  I try to emulate it in my pottery.  Glazing with muted tones that dominate the peninsula’s coast and hand painting scenes of ancient monuments and iconic architecture.  But, you must witness it first, to conceive the captivating moments….for me that is the answer.