lighthouse coastline donegal skecth

Coastline – Its nakedness strips us of comfort and awakens the conscience, allowing us to make decisions with clarity: From contemplation of emigration – journeying to a new beginning; to the astute skipper – always responsive to the elements. When life works up a storm, it’s useful to have a little guiding light.

Ancient Monuments

ancient monuments peninsula pottery donegal

Ancient monuments – Symbolised continuity; celebrating a transition from one life to another. Its striking presence; a remarkable achievement, defied the limitations of the era. When your beliefs are worth a mammoth effort, your reality isn’t limited to the physical. Believe and imagine the unthinkable.


Farming Sketch Peninsula Pottery

Farming – A disciplined life that gathers and reaps attainment, connecting us to our animals and the earth. When we are connected we are satisfied. The old word ‘tenalach’ used in the hills of Eire, allows one to literally hear the earth sing. Listen to the land and it will provide prosperity.


landscapes by peninsula pottery

Landscapes – Purpose giving. Summons up one’s work capacity. ‘Could they give you a day on the hill cutting turf!’ Peaks in the distance, reminds us, of things greater than ourselves. When we scale the hill, the mountain becomes surmountable. Symbolically spiritual – visualise to live it on descent.


peninsula pottery castle design

Fortresses – Traditional purpose, strength and protection, has transformed to cultural significance; characterising a place. Walls create a private space, offering solitude to contemplate within. When ready arouse the curiosity and look beyond. We overcome walls of separation when we honour our difference.