If google can’t answer; Inishowen Heritage can.

Donegal Pottery. Pottery by Peninsula pottery

Google has answered many historical fact squabbles in our house, but there’s somethings in life, google can’t solve: that being, an engaging experience.  Exploring the west coast of the peninsula with Inishowen Tourism not only drew attention to the abundance of local heritage sites but embededd memories of ‘feast for the eyes’ scenery and enriched […]

Pottery: Where to buy

derry pottery

Where’s best to sell you’re product. Online/fairs and events/high street (or rather “bespoke” street.) The answer depends on your individual lifestyle. In an ideal world we don’t put all our eggs in 1 basket…but do we have to stretch ourselves thin…isn’t one of the reasons we chose this path, is to balance work/play. So I […]

Priceless Packaging

beuatiful pottery by donegal potter lorraine

Whooo (no this isn’t a scary ghost noise) it’s the reaction your gift receiver will have when they’re given Peninsula Pottery in its new packaging. Bespoke, luxury, laminated bags, differently sized to fit your present snugly. Lots of gift ideas for the upcoming festive season. For Tea and Coffee Enthusiasts: Cup & Saucer, or expresso […]

Donegal Women In Business Extract

irish pottery

Delighted to be in Donegal Women In Business Site. Here is the extract below. Lorraine O’Carroll – Turning local landscapes, into unique homeware. From ancient dolmens to the coastline’s iconic lighthouses and our lands imposing historical architecture, the potter embodies these on wares thrown on the wheel. She also encompasses the symbolic circle, which in […]

Dissecting Doodles – The meaning of Spirals

pottery doodles

It’s Friday and if you’re doodling at the edge of the page waiting for the weekend..you may be interested to know your little spirals and squares have an ancient Irish meaning. Winter sun – clockwise spiral summer sun – Anticlockwise Kite shape – the four seasons So if anyone asks, you can proclaim that you […]