Combining the striking local Landscapes and Historical Architecture with a hint of Abstract Artist influence

Lorraine O'Carroll Irish Potter

Specialising in Hand thrown Irish pottery. Depicting scenes of culture and heritage.


The potters love of landscape was first noted at school when caught gazing out at the Sperrin Mountain Range instead of into her school books. This day dreamy nature resulted in scraping through exams to earn a BA in Craft Design Technology and Education at Leeds Met University.

Following a year’s intense Production Throwing Course Lorraine took a post in Ballydougan Pottery Co. Down. Now residing in the Northwest of Ireland the potter has combined the striking local Landscapes and Historical Architecture with a hint of Abstract Artist influence. These artists, notably Kandinsky and Klee embodied the simplicity of the circle as a representation of cosmic spiritual energy. From the spinning wheel to the turned pot Lorraine encapsulates this solar symbol with thick dark lines emphasising that...

“Life is a full circle, widening until it joins the circle motions of the infinite.” Anaïs Nin

Although the potter dreamed of dramatic events…home life was simple. The uncomplicated upbringing was full of ‘when I was young’ stories: Reflections of a time when work had an obvious purpose. It was this environment that inspired the potter to capture these images on her range of Peninsula pottery: An art that has a purpose.

After throwing, Lorraine alters her shapes with cuts, representing life coming full circle but there may be peaks and troughs on the journey. The alteration is subtle to maintain functionality. Each piece includes an information card on aspirations the scene encapsulates. Although Lorraine’s background is Christian, her positive affirmations are universal.